Friday, November 14, 2014

First Snow

We've had a milder than normal autumn, but that all changed two days ago!  It's snow time! The forecast was for 1 to 2 inches on Thursday, 2 to 4 inches Thursday night, 1 to 2 inches on Friday.  HA!

Natalie enjoyed a few flakes before she met the bus yesterday.

Really, she doesn't like the snow, but I made her pose.

Dominik usually goes out with Natalie to meet the bus, so they slipped and slid on the new snow a bit.

It continued to snow steadily, so during homeschool recess we did a little sledding on the driveway...

...and a few snow angels...

...and a snowball fight.

The youngest always gets picked on, right?

After lunch, I thought it might be a good idea to clear the driveway, so I activated the snow removal team.

But it was more fun to just make paths in the snow.

Then it snowed a lot more.  This is after clearing the driveway this afternoon, Friday, for the third time since yesterday.  The snow has finally stopped, and I think we got 8-10 inches total.  At least...maybe 12.  Like how the hat on the mail box is leaning?

Scraped the sidewalk, more snow accumulated...then little bird visited!

That backyard tree that still hasn't lost its leaves...

...and what it looked like a few days ago when Tom was vacuuming up leaves.  Too bad it snowed and will stay frozen for a while...the leaves might not get picked up until spring.

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