Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fun in the Snow

Now that the snow has finally melted (!) I'm getting around to posting more snow pictures.  There is still some snow, but it reminds me of spring with how cold it was for two weeks, then how warm it has been the past few days.  I hope the trees don't start budding!

The official mark at our home:  9 inches in about 36 hours.

Tom went under the house to put in some insulation where there was none (and found a gaping hole to the outside about 2 inches wide!  How was that there for 20 years?)  The boys thought it was great fun to explore under the house.

It was a dusty job so Tom resorted to a filter.

Then it started to melt (and freeze) so icicles formed...I love these on the trees!

We used our recess to look for animal tracks and try to determine which animal made them.  We found deer, fox and mouse.  And people and dogs.

Natalie's teacher said when a paper is stamped with "evidence", she uses that for a grade.  I'm not sure I agree with not using (nearly) every test for a grade, but it worked out well for Natalie!  She actually does do very well in spelling.

The heavy frost one morning coated the chicken fence.

We took advantage of a homeschool day at Birds of Prey...that's a REAL peregrine falcon on the perch that the kids got to use as a model to draw and paint. 

One of our cats is watching the bird on the bird feeder.  We used the recipe from our science book (we're studying birds this year) and at least one kind of bird is making good use of it.  Thankfully, the bird is too quick, but the cats caught at least one vole recently after the snow started to melt.

The field behind our property was filled with Canada geese.  This was an early photo...there had to be more than 500 eventually, then when the weather warmed up they all flew away.

Sledding time!  We dropped Natalie off at therapy and enjoyed a hill for sledding (Natalie's not missing anything because snow is not her favorite thing).

The boys found they went faster when there were two on the sled.

Geese on the wing over our home.

We celebrated our one-year-here anniversary with a trip to the same restaurant we ate the first night in town.

Here's another stellar spelling test from Natalie.  I don't know if I'm more proud of her spelling or her writing...it gets wrapped up all in to one here.  You know she is a great speller!

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