Saturday, December 6, 2014

Natalie is Nine!

How times flies...Natalie is already nine years old!  This year has been full of great accomplishments for Natalie, and we know she will build on those and bring new ones to the table in the coming year.  But let's celebrate this birthday quick (because, you know, there is another one in our family tomorrow!)

Here's a self-portrait Natalie took on her birthday.

Her birthday was still a school day, so she opened one present before school so she could wear it to school on her birthday.

She's toasty warm in that coat!

Then we had a little party after school with candles on her chocolate pie.  She was quite mesmerized by the candles.

I thought I had a sure winner with chocolate pie, but all Natalie really wanted to eat was the whipped cream. She kept asking for more whipped cream after she scraped it off the pie...three times!

Then she opened her presents.  Her favorite present was a Frozen book that included Natalie's name in the book (as well as those of her brothers).  You may have noticed that the color of her new coat is like Anna's cape in Frozen.

Then we went to a special event and dinner at the botanical gardens and enjoyed the beauty of all the light displays.  Natalie loved watching the Christmas model trains!

And here she is the next day, still VERY happy with her Frozen book!  Yeah Natalie!

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ThatGirlSaid said...

She is the cutest! I love this post! Waving to Natalie, sending kisses.