Monday, December 8, 2014

Konrad is Seven!

What a beautiful day to celebrate seven years of Konrad's life!  Konrad told practically everyone at church that it was his birthday...I think this is a big step for him.  We are so proud of how much he is learning and growing!

His birthday celebration started with an afternoon at an 80s arcade with a friend.  On the way home, they saw a fabulous rainbow and Tom took them to visit the local ski/snowboard trick hill (you can tell how crazy warm it's been the past few weeks!)  They didn't ski that day, but there may be skiing in their future!

Then on his actual birthday, he opened presents...a nerf gun from Lukas...

...a new helmet, and his favorite gift, racetrack for matchbox cars.

We celebrated with dinner at Fuddruckers...

...and chocolate cake!

His siblings are so happy to celebrate with him!

Happy birthday Konrad!

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