Sunday, June 7, 2015

A few birthdays

I've been more negligent than normal in posting pictures...and I've even missed three birthdays!

Lukas turned 11.  He had a party with friends (Tom did a great job creating a scavenger hunt in our yard that lasted about an hour).  There were a lot of boys running around, and there was cake and presents.


Dominik turned 5.  A bunch of kids raced boats in the ditch, and then there was cake and presents.  Legos played an important role.

Tom turned 29.  There were only our kids running around, but there was cake and presents.  And wine, as this picture shows.

We've been busy a lot of other ways too, besides birthdays:  local hiking trips, finishing school and homeschool for the year, 4H, tree maintenance and gardening, and relatives visiting.  I will try to post more soon...I promise to try!

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