Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another Graduate Reader!

This picture is Dominik *today* eating a Sugar Daddy.  He decided it was too sticky, took it out of his teeth and threw it away.  Nice! 

But this post is really to announce that Dominik finished his reading program this week!  Here's a snippet of him reading from his 100th lesson (a weird story about a blind man hunting a tiger) in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

He started the book just over a year ago and has usually been eager to learn, but with homeschooling Lukas and Konrad, I didn't always make enough time for Dominik's reading lessons.  I'm glad we have the summer to work on cementing what he's learned, by reading more.  I've always found that going through the 100 lessons is the easier part...the harder part is to continue to have the child read to me to make sure they don't lose the skills they've gained.

Just like Konrad and Lukas, Dominik finished his lessons right around his fifth birthday.  Way to go Dominik!  I used the same lessons with Natalie, but only made it though about 40 lessons before deciding to let her kindergarten teacher take over.

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