Saturday, June 23, 2007

More baby talk

When we were at Rose and Gary's house, we let Lukas announce the new baby to them, so he was thinking about it more and asked me, "How does the baby come out?" I pointed in the general area where the baby comes out. He said, "How can it come out, since there's skin there?" He was thinking of his own body. I said, "On Mommys there's a hole for babies to come out."

This evening Tom asked Lukas to make sure and give the baby plenty of room when he cuddled with me (he's pushed a little too hard on the baby before). Then Lukas asked why the baby has that tube (talking about the umbilical cord he had seen in a picture of a baby in utero the other day). I said, "The tube is so the baby can eat. Our baby is eating right now!"

Lukas said, "Do you feed the baby through the baby hole?" I asked him, "What is the baby hole?" He said, "The hole that the baby comes out of." Wow, that was several weeks ago that we talked about that! I said, "No, my body feeds the baby automatically because we're hooked up together through the tube."

I wonder how much of his acceptance is because he's seen Natalie fed by g-tube and accepts that as normal. It's so fun to see how he's processing this new information.

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