Saturday, July 28, 2007


After postponing twice, we finally made our appointment for portraits (the first week, Lukas got a bruise on his forehead, and the second week, he got a split lip). We just did pictures of the kids...we did family pictures about a year ago and I haven't gotten the courage up to do that again. When will we do a family photo again? I don't know...we probably should have done it this time when it is barely possible to camouflage my pregnant belly. The next time we go, I'll be too pregnant or we'll have three kids to try to get into meaningful positions.

It went ok, meaning my expectations were once again too high of how Lukas would listen and accommodate the requests of the photographer. We had prepped him several times for the event, but he still didn't keep a pose or smile normally. I don't know how kids his age are ever models! Anyway, Natalie actually was easier to shoot than Lukas...she gave natural smiles and held positions for more than 1/2 second. But the photographer did capture several good shots, so we're excited to see them when they arrive.

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