Friday, July 27, 2007


After I dropped Tom back at work, I came home to get Lukas to go shopping (Cammie was watching Lukas and Natalie while we were meeting Baby #3). We went to the mall to get Tom some new shirts and ties, and had a nice date lunch of Baja Fresh tacos and Dairy Queen ice cream.

Anyway, I was surprised to find money missing from my wallet. I knew how much cash I had withdrawn a couple days ago, and I expected to find some change since I had stopped by Lee's Sandwiches to pick up a fresh baguette to go with our Insalata Caprese for dinner yesterday. The more I thought about it, the more I suspected that I had pulled away from the drive thru window without receiving my change of $18.

After we were done shopping, I went back to Lee's Sandwiches (where baguettes are baked fresh every 30 minutes--mine was hot yesterday!), went inside and asked the clerk about it (I still wasn't completely sure I had left the change...I am often spending money and forgetting about it!) The manager overheard me and came right over, opened the drawer and said, "You got a baguette and a Sierra Mist, right? Here's your $18."

What a pleasant surprise! I remembered where I left my money, and they gave it back to me!

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