Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Swimming days 5 and 6

Here's a pic of Tom juggling both Lukas and Natalie when I got out of the pool to take some pictures. We've been working with Lukas on swimming moves in between playing with bath toys in the pool...here he's lying on his back, grabbing Tom. Natalie is more comfortable on her back and on her front in the water than Lukas. Lukas thinks that swimming with his feet on the bottom of the pool is just fine.

Two more days! Whew! It's been exhausting! There is another two-week session at the pool after this one, and Tom and I talked about putting Lukas in the next level class, but we don't think he's quite mature enough to follow the directions of the instructors (we wouldn't be in the water with him)...we plan to put him in next year. Hopefully he won't forget how comfortable he is in water between now and then.

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