Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Swimming day 7

Tonight the first thing Lukas said to the swim teacher was "I have a new game. It's called dead wood." that a comment on her swimming instruction?

I had to explain to her that Lukas is always making up games with found objects, and that's the one he came up with today after finding a piece of firewood behind the trash cans in the backyard. No telling what the actual object of the game is...we may find out tomorrow if he has time to play with the piece of firewood (no time tonight after swimming...time for bed!)

Lukas held his breath for 4-5 seconds while underwater. Natalie glided through the water on a swimboard and asked for "more" dunking. The kids practiced holding on to the side of the pool, which the instructor said is a skill necessary for the next level class (I guess they don't let the kids bounce around on their toes like they do in this class). I'd love for Lukas to try the next level this year, but I think we're too exhausted to do another 2-week class, starting next week, and he's note quite ready for it. Next year might be perfect (except I'll have two kids to watch while he's in the pool!)

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