Monday, July 30, 2007

Can we "rent" it?

Last night Tom pulled out our DVD of Wallace and Gromit. Lukas had seen the Three Amazing Adventures before and really enjoys "A Grand Day Out" about a trip to the moon to eat cheese. Tom found a section of the DVD that none of us had watched before: some mini-shorts that are about 2-3 minutes each. Lukas watched them while Tom was doing something else...then...

...Lukas got out of bed about four times, up to two hours after he had gone to bed to tell us that he didn't like the "scrambled eggs" on Wallace and Gromit. He kept talking about it and it was obviously keeping him from falling asleep. Usually we can get him to think about something happy or fun from the day and that gets him to fall asleep when he's upset, but this time it took much longer than normal. Finally, he told Tom, "Can we rent 'Wallace and Gromit' so I don't see it again?"

Lukas has come to understand the word "rent" to mean "send away in the mail to Netflix." When he wanted to watch "Chicken Little" again (not on your life! see previous post on this terrible mistake!) I could simply say, "Lukas, we rented that movie, so we don't have it any more." Since he was scared by the Wallace and Gromit short, he didn't want to see it again and wanted us to send it away.

This morning he saw the DVD again and kept asking me to "rent" it. I explained to him that we owned the movie, so we wouldn't be sending it away, but he wouldn't have to watch it again.

Tonight, Tom and I finally took two minutes to find and watch the short that scared him. Wallace and Gromit are sitting at breakfast and the robot that makes their breakfast malfunctions, shoots scrambled eggs at Gromit, shoots fried eggs at Wallace, sprays Gromit with tea, then his head explodes.

Yes, that could be scary to a 3-year old!

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