Thursday, August 2, 2007

Atlantis Play Center

Park Day was at Atlantis Play Center. The last time we were there (with Tom) I forgot the camera. Today I remembered, and here are the two pictures I got to take before the park was over-run with Day Camp children. The first group was definitely over the appropriate age for the park, and the second group was of the appropriate age, but a large number of kids!

Lukas hasn't learned how to stand in line by himself, so he didn't do too well when the masses converged on the fun dragon slide. I stood in line with him several times, beating back (figuratively) children who were trying cut in line, but we finally retreated to the baby swing area with our small group of 4 moms and 8 kids and had a very nice morning. Lukas played in the drinking water fountain inside a huge oyster shell, dug in the sand and played on a whale teeter ride. Natalie could swing forever...until she gets hungry!

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