Thursday, August 2, 2007

Swimming day 8

The last day! Whew! I'm glad it's over. I mentioned that Tom and I had discussed putting Lukas in the next level of swim class starting on Monday (which would be Lukas in the water, without us), but we decided against it because of our exhaustion with the swimming routine and Lukas lack of paying attention.

Well, the kids got "report cards" at the end of their swim lesson, with the recommendation of which class they should be in next, and the teacher recommended that they both be in the Parent Child class again. When Tom asked the teacher what Lukas needed to be able to do to be ready for the Tiny Tots swim class, she said he needed to be able to be in a class with five kids and one instructor and listen to the instructor. Right now he is too distracted by everything he wants to do to pay attention to an instructor (which we learned during VBS, which takes place on dry land!)

Hopefully by next summer he'll understand the rules of being in a class environment (both for VBS and swimming). The good news is that Natalie scored just a little below Lukas on her report card...I knew she was impressive with her love of going under the water!

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