Thursday, July 24, 2008

Better than the last time

Have I blogged about how Natalie lately doesn't like getting her hair cut? I can't find it, so I must not have. Well, the last two haircuts have been crying fits, unlike the first two haircuts, where Natalie had a great time.

On Monday we visited my hair stylist, Lynn, just to say hi. Natalie did great, smiling at everyone there and having a great time. I sat in the barber chair with Natalie on my lap and we laughed in the mirrors a bit. Lynn gave her and Lukas each a balloon, we said goodbye, and made plans to come back today.

Today Natalie did great waiting in the reception area, walking up to the chair, getting strapped into the portable high chair I bring along...a bundle of smiles until Lynn approached her with a scissors and spray bottle. We decided not to put the cover thingie on to keep hair off Natalie, so she could hold a balloon during the event. But for some reason Natalie got tense and started crying. It was much better than the last two times, and she's happy to give Lynn a hug and a kiss when it's over, but we don't understand why she doesn't like it. Natalie likes almost everything else she does in life!

Here's the best picture I could capture of her new haircut...admittedly, most of her hair is out of the shot, but I like her expression--this is Natalie! And I think you can see that her sun-bleached portions didn't get completely snipped off. We're working on growing out the length a little bit.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...


Kelly said...

I think she is the cutest!! AK had her hair cut in my previous blog she loved it especially the hair dryer.
Kelly Weekes

Rachel said...

You look cute Natalie!

The Hula Cuties said...

I love the expression on her face, she is so precious!! Her haircut is cute too!

Tena said...

What a cutie! Add Caden to the list of "hates having his hair cut". That boy can throw a huge fit over it!!