Thursday, July 24, 2008


Konrad is making a little progress this week in the solid-food-feeding area. By "a little progress", I mean he is not spitting the food out as much as before. I can deal with food dribbling out of his mouth and making a mess on his face and was the machine-gun-fire spray of baby cereal on me, the table and the room that I was having a hard time with.

I've tried zweiback, biter biscuits, puffs, pureed pears and have now returned to baby cereal. He loves sucking on a popsicle (probably because he's teething like mad), but he doesn't want to swallow what he gets in his mouth. That makes a huge mess too! Yes, I know that having kids is not a mess-free proposition, but I do notice the mess. Anyway, the session this afternoon with baby cereal went well for about five minutes until he started spitting, so I make his hands sign "all done" and move on to the food that really interests him.

He has handled the biter biscuit a couple times, putting it to his mouth and chewing on it to relieve teething pain, but I think it's once again an issue that he doesn't want to swallow what he gets in his mouth (minute amounts that they are).

And since he's teething his top two front teeth at the same time (God, please let those come in this week!) he's already getting more Motrin and Tylenol and Orajel in his mouth than he would like.

But it's progress!

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The Hula Cuties said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you about these things called "yum yums" I still give them to Will every once in awhile. They are rice cakes that dissolve really fast. I found them at Walmart. Maybe Konrad would like those.