Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Drinking and cutting

Natalie is doing pretty well at drinking from an open cup. Of course, the only time she practices this is when Christina, her OT, comes over...somehow it's not high on my priority list to give her an open cup at our meals. I don't think I was even giving Lukas an open cup at this age. Sippy cups are soooo much more reliable, when I already have to clean up spilled food!

Today Christina introduced using a scissors to Natalie, having her cut Play-Doh. The scissors movement with her fingers is not something that comes naturally to Natalie, so I can see this taking some time to master. Oh, that's right...EVERYTHING takes some time to master!


Kelly said...

Love the look of concentration on Natalie's face!

Kelly said...

AnnaKate played with play-dough in therapy today. Seems like cutting would be a long way off...but I am sure that is coming. It is fun to see what Natalie is doing because I know AnnaKate is not too far away.
Kelly Weekes