Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One step to a cleaner house

One tip I found at another blogger's site was to get a light-weight cordless vacuum, and then the kids can help with cleaning. I don't know why this didn't occur to me sooner, because Lukas loves vacuum cleaners, and would have started vacuuming two years ago, if he could maneuver the vacuum cleaner.

About two weeks ago I picked up a Shark cordless vacuum, specifically for picking up around the dining table, since this is the area that needs to be cleaned several times a day. It's been a treat for Lukas to use the Shark, and today he vacuumed the whole house (I had already vacuumed with the big vacuum cleaner yesterday). Every time he finished one room, he announced excitedly, in a very loud voice, "Mom! I'm going to go vacuum your room now!" "Mom, I'm going to go vacuum the kitchen now!"

I am imagining that the house could be vacuumed EVERY DAY by my 4-year old son! Can you imagine that?!?! I love having clean floors with no grit under my feet (we usually go barefoot in the house), but I only make time to vacuum once a week, and by the end of the week, my feet can tell that it's time to vacuum.

Here's Lukas vacuuming Konrad's room, with Natalie watching while she's reading books.

Vacuums, trash cans, and toilets...those are the things Lukas loves. Now, if only he grows up to design them, not use them or clean them, as his career!

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Kelly said...

Do you hire him out . . . or at least teach another 4 year old?!?