Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Here's what we did this morning. Remember the seeds Lukas talked about? Well, Tom prepared a place for Lukas to plant the flower seeds he got at VBS (note the sand toys at the bottom of the picture that had recently become "dirt toys"). Natalie had fun watching the big boys work and Konrad had a good nap before the late night noise he'll endure tonight.

I made some blueberry strudel bars with lime cream for the barbecue we're going to this evening. I definitely prefer fruit desserts over chocolate desserts, so the summer is a perfect excuse for lots of fruit desserts. We discovered yesterday that the fruit on our peach tree is in the final stages of ripening, so I need to be prepared to make a ton of jam in the next few weeks. Practically every meal we've had lately involves something from the freezer, so we'll have space for jam after I make everything else conceivable with the peaches. I cannot wait! I LOVE peaches!

Of course, our day started with the raising of the flag, and will end with blowing up a few dollars in fireworks and watching others blow hundreds of dollars in fireworks. Lukas will wear Tom's range ear protection, Natalie will have her water ear plugs, and I think I'll put a pair of the ear plugs in Konrad's ears too. We'll see how everyone does.

Happy Fourth of July!

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