Tuesday, June 24, 2008

VBS Day 1 and 2

We've been VBS-ing the last two days AND yesterday was the day we switched DSL providers, so of course that's not going to be seamless. For those I queried about your cable internet service, Tom and I have decided to remain Amish and not get cable, so we switched DSL providers and hopefully we'll be happier. Already I'm happy that I get to talk to people in my own continent when I have technical difficulties.

Lukas has loved Vacation Bible School this year (yes, he loved it last year, but now he understands more what it's about). The kids are learning the 7 Cs of history: creation, corruption, catastrophe, confusion, Christ, the cross, and consummation...with an Amazon theme. Yesterday I asked Lukas what his favorite part was, and he said "the seeds." I guess there are some seeds we'll plant when he brings his VBS bag home.

Today he said his favorite things were music class with the instruments he got to shake, and painting a wooden snake in the craft class.

Natalie and Konrad are doing great in the nursery. Natalie is still walking a lot! I was worried that with no therapy this week because we're at VBS, she might regress, but everyone in the nursery is encouraging her to walk, and she's still walking around at home too...she is ready for a nap when we pile in the car at noon, after VBS is over. Last week was definitely the turning point where she decided that walking on two legs is what she's going to do now.

I'm a teacher's aide this year, which is a pretty good job for me, since I also need to be available to feed Konrad when he turns up hungry earlier than I planned. Yesterday I wondered why I was not so exhausted, like I was every day last year. Two things: last year I was the music teacher, which after the Pre-K teacher is probably one of the jobs that requires the most energy, AND I was pregnant. This year...easy job, not pregnant...piece of cake.

I'll try to bring a camera tomorrow, now that I have the three kids at VBS thing figured out, and post some pictures of the adventure.

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