Thursday, July 3, 2008

More talking

This morning after dropping Lukas at preschool we went to Natalie's therapy clinic. Natalie's SP, Amanda, hadn't been there on Monday, so with missing all last week, Natalie hadn't seen Amanda in two weeks.

I told Natalie in the car, "we're going to see Amanda today."

Then when we were walking in to the clinic with me holding Natalie's hand, I asked her, "Natalie, where are we going?"

Natalie said, "A-da." Which I took to mean "Amanda."

Afterwards, I didn't get to talk to Amanda very much, because I was talking to the owner of the clinic about what rights Natalie has to services after she turns three, and Amanda had to move on to another patient. But Amanda agreed that she is "talking" more than she has ever done before.

Go Natalie go!