Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poor planning, part 2

You'll have the read the previous post for any of this to make sense.

While Natalie was in therapy today, and before I fed Konrad, I did take the time to get an iced coffee at Jack-in-the-Box (the day was going to be too busy, and I needed something to keep me going) and pick up a loaf of bread. I couldn't get any milk because it would have to sit in the car for several hours during the rest of therapy and the funeral, so I settled for a loaf of bread.

After the funeral, we went to Rubios for lunch (where, thankfully, they do serve milk!) so Lukas and Natalie could have their first servings of milk for the day. It was fun to have Tom with us at Rubios...I think that might actually be the first time our whole family has been to Rubios at the same time...usually it's just the kids and me or just Tom and me. Then Tom went back to work and I took the three kids home.

We got home and put Natalie in her crib for a nap. Konrad was a little hungry because he had had his 10 am feeding at 9 am. But before I nursed him, I needed to work on the solid food feeding, because...drumroll...Konrad is eating baby cereal now! And THERE IS NO WAY I'm going to allow him to skip very many meals with solid food now that he is finally eating it!

So I get out the bowl and pour the baby cereal and go to the refrigerator...

No milk.

Yikes! I really wanted to feed him cereal today. He ate cereal during three meals yesterday and one meal the day before, and I wanted to keep this roll going! Ok, it's only 1 tablespoon of cereal, but he's swallowing it!

Then I remembered Natalie's sippy cup with the milk from Rubios. Found it, she hadn't finished the milk, poured a little milk in the cereal, put the rest back in the refrigerator (very precious commodity in our house today!) Ok, yes, under dire circumstances, I will allow my children to share food items if no one has been sick recently. So shoot me.

And Konrad ate the cereal. He even opened his mouth for bites! This child is well on his way to eating tri-tip, which we all enjoyed last night.

We don't have milk, but we have bread...I can make sandwiches for our picnic dinner in the park tonight. If Natalie and Konrad don't nap too long, I might run to the store for milk before Tom gets home from work. Or maybe I'll just wait until we come back from the park tonight.

I'm writing "MILK" in big letters on the white board.

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