Thursday, January 29, 2009

The eyes have it

Natalie's third pair of glasses arrived today.  We spent the big bucks to get glasses that hopefully will stand up to her twisting and bending, so we don't have to visit the optician every week for an adjustment (sounds like a chiropractor, doesn't it?)

Here's a picture with her new pair.  The frames are blue:

Natalie's next newest pair, the purple-then-pink pair, is now purple again!  I guess they couldn't find one "arm" in the same color pink, so they gave her a whole new frame again, in purple:

And here is the pair she's been wearing while the purple/pink pair was being fixed and the blue pair was being created; the very first pair of glasses she got at 18 months (gold rims):

Each pair has a gradually stronger prescription on the lenses.  Now we have two backups, which is not a bad thing to have, believe me!  But I'm counting on these new frames being the be-all, end-all in children's frames.  I have to admit that I'll have to get used to the look of the new frames, because I like the purple frames better...but I'm sure they will grow on me!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

She is beautiful! Hope these hold up!

angie said...

She's so darned cute:). We are waiting on our 2nd pair (our backup pair that is going to turn into our #1 pair...the first pair is SO flimsy! Ugh! The things I didn't think about when ordering the 1st pair). It's crazy to have these little ones with glasses! I love Natalie's new pair:).

Rachel M. said...

Natalie is very cute. :) God bless!

Terri H-E said...

With each picture you post, I get closer and closer to booking a flight to CA just to come see those sweet eyes, cheeks, button nose of hers in person. She really is just about the most joyful little bundle of cute I've ever seen. And I know there's more than just cute there, too!

Keep those pics coming!

I'll call before I knock in your door ;/

Michelle said...

She looks so cute! I can't believe she stays there and let's you take her picture. Those days are over for Austin (and Andrew too now that I think about it!). They see the camera, yell cheese, and run!

Jacqui said...

I was also struck by the one thing that everyone else seems to mention - that your daughter is looking so so so beautiful.

I hope the glasses live up to your expectation.