Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Watching and waiting

Natalie had her post-op ENT visit today.  Not much changed since my conversation with the ENT immediately after surgery.  He said we need to watch her ears and her turbinates.  He wants to see her every three months for the tubes.  Natalie will get a referral to an allergist to see if that's what's causing her turbinates to be large.  If allergies are not the cause, he will probably perform surgery to shrink them sometime in the next year, which involves putting a needle inside, and cauterizing the turbinates from the inside, which causes them to shrink.  I thought he told me after the surgery that he only watches large turbinates in kids, but I guess I heard wrong.

When I told Tom about it this evening, he said, "Maybe I should have my turbinates cauterized!"  Tom has trouble breathing at night too...but that's a long story that we won't begin.

I'm including this cute picture from the other day.  Natalie LOVES copying whatever Lukas is doing.  Lukas loves this "shape game", and Natalie did pretty well at it too!


Myssie said...

I hope that they get to the bottom of Natalie's ear troubles. So if the allergist says that it is not caused by allergies then they will do the other sugery to shrink them? I hope all goes well!

What kind of game is that? I have been wanting to get Caroline a tangram type of game but haven't found one yet. That one looks like fun!!

Cindy said...

Actually the turbinates are part of her nose, not ears, and seem to be contributing to her stuffy breathing.

The shape game was a handmedown (love those!), but I think it's from Discovery Toys ( I tried to look for it on the website this morning, but it seemed to be down. It's foam shapes that you put on the board to make the picture they suggest...or you can make your own pictures, which is mostly what Lukas does.

Rachel M. said...

The picture is very cute! I will keep dear Natalie in my prayers. God bless! :)

Kelly said...

I hope you are better at waiting and seeing than me. I usually start to obsess. Natalie looks like she is doing great with the shape game. She has such a great role model! Kelly f