Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Save the drapes!

With our last curtains, Natalie and Lukas loved playing in them, and especially with the sheer curtains. Sadly, they often looked quite dirty.

I'd read about kids having "play silks" and I had the idea that giving the kids something like the sheer curtains to play with might keep them from playing with the actual sheer curtains. So far, so good. Lukas and Natalie love their sheers, but Konrad is not really interested yet (I got three different patterns so we could tell them apart--you can see Konrad's on the floor behind Lukas).

Since it's pretty slippery on our hardwood floor, the "rule" is that they play with them sitting down, or at least they're not running through the house with them.

The material was on sale for $4.99 a yard, so I got a yard of each for a rectangular play silk, edged the two sides that are rough, left the selvage edges, and I have a cheap deterrent to getting our curtains dirty and torn. That works for me!

What about the marks that are on the curtain, above "kid height"? Tom and I will have to point fingers at each other about those!

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Everychapter said...

When I was 7 or so my mom gave my our old curtains when she got new ones- and I LOVED them. They where a hammock and tents and capes...oh the fun that was had- great idea! Thanks!