Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sitting down

You all know how much we anticipated when Natalie finally walked (and Konrad, but his walking came much more easily). Well, the down side of walking is that Natalie loves to stand up in front of the TV. She actually did this before she could walk, so I shouldn't blame it on walking. And Lukas did it, too, and Konrad is doing it still, so I shouldn't act like it's unique to Natalie.

But the problem comes in now that Natalie is growing taller, her head is blocking the view of the TV (at least Lukas thinks so), so this creates sibling strife when there should be beautifully harmonious TV watching while I'm making dinner.

Enter, "the couch."

Natalie loved sitting in Lukas' plastic Batman chair. But she always seems to fall out of it or get tangled up in it. So for Christmas, we got her this Three Princesses soft couch, and she loved it! I thought she would use it mostly for reading books, but it turns out that she's much more likely to stay seated while watching TV if we have it in front of the TV and direct her to sit in it. I'm sure the emphasis on sitting in her chair at school is another MAJOR contributor to this success. Ok, I know her posture is not great, but that's how she sits when watching TV, whether she's on the floor or in a toddler chair.

AND Konrad is learning to sit in the chair, too. As I mentioned, Konrad also loves to get close to the TV and touch buttons and eventually turn off the DVD accidentally, much to the dismay of Lukas. But he is also learning to sit in the chair (and no, I don't think it will affect his manhood to sit in his sister's girly chair for a few months...sorry, we don't have the room to get a Buzz Lightyear chair for him, or whatever is the flavor of the month in toddler chairs...he'll be climbing up on the adult couch soon enough...if the couch ever arrives, but that's another story).

This picture also shows Lukas doing this "therapy," which is what I had to call it when his swim instructor told him to practice his kicks at home on the floor while watching TV. Lukas is very excited to have his own therapy, after all the therapy (fun play) he sees Natalie doing.

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