Friday, March 6, 2009

First haircut

This week at Trader Joe's, the checker asked me if Konrad was a boy or a girl. It's obviously time to get those luscious locks trimmed!

Today was a Friday off for Tom, so we all drove to Tom's barber for Konrad's first haircut. Lukas loved encouraging Konrad during the event, and asked if he could have Konrad's lollipop, since Konrad's still a little young for lollipops. BTW, Lukas' first haircut was right before he turned 1, and he had less hair than Konrad, but Lukas' hair was straight, so it looked longer than Konrad's at 15 months.

We always use our portable high chair for haircuts, and Konrad did amazingly well for most of the cut. But I was most pleasantly surprised that Natalie just sat in the chair and watched SpongeBob on the television. I anticipated that we would be chasing after her the whole time, but she never got out of the chair! Lukas was all over the place, picking up Konrad's hair after Rani, the barber cut it off, squirting the water bottle, jumping around.

Konrad had a toy truck to hold for the event, and that worked until Rani trimmed his sideburns...then he started crying, so I ran to the car for his pacy.

And I had to include a happy picture with the new home with the comfort of a good book.

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Michelle said...

oh my goodness, he is just a doll! (in a boyish way oh course!)