Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Picture and Dad's New Wheels

We didn't get a picture of all the kids together on Easter...too many other activities to try to get them to sit still for two minutes, together. But this Sunday we did stop and take a picture of them in front of Tom's new (to him) wheels before going to church.

So we'll just call this one their Easter picture.

And Tom's 12-passenger van is our new camping/excursion vehicle. No more packing to the gills in the little mini-van! Let us know if you want to camp with us...we'll drive.


Terri H-E said...

Ooh - just wait until Natalie is in Brownies or Girl Scouts - you'll have the whole troop on Tom's room on wheels for all the outings... How fun for her.

(I guess that would apply to t-ball teams and such for the boys, but I only know from girlie things...)

Kelly said...

Wow...what a big rig!!

Kelly W.

Brandi said...

Beautiful children! Lukas looks so grown up. Soon enough he will be asking for the keys to daddy's new wheels :)

Ana said...

That will be great for your camping trips! I read your old post on camping and it's encouraging!

Michelle said...

it looks like natalie's signing 'ball'...coincidence?

LaurenceM said...

Cool, the Mystery Machine!

Laurence M