Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy and SAFE!

I guess I forgot to convey MY feelings in this post. Just to be clear, I was pretty freaked out to find Natalie straddling the crib rail...and I found her that way two days in a row after naps.

Needless to say, this was something that had to be remedied quickly, and I QUICKLY found a crib tent on Craig's List. Natalie loves it! (She loves camping, so now she gets to camp in a tent all the time!) And the plus side is that we don't have to pick up her stuffed toys as much when she throws them out of the crib...because she can't throw them out when the side is zipped up. I actually thought that might have been why she had climbed on top of the retrieve one of her stuffed friends, since she had thrown every one of them out of her crib.

I wish all parenting problems were this easy to solve...just buy a $20 gadget on Craig's List! But that's why parenting is soooo interesting!


Kelly said...

I am seeing one of these in our future!!

Kelly W.

angie said...

That's great! I've never actually seen one:). Glad that Natalie likes it.