Friday, June 5, 2009

On its way out

I hope this is one of the last pictures you'll ever see with Konrad and a pacifier. I'm anticipating his 18-month pediatric check up next week, and waiting for the soft reprimand that he's still using a pacifier. He's just REALLY addicted to the pacifier.

After our trip this past weekend, I "forgot" to put a pacifier in his car seat. In the car and in the crib are the only times he has been using a pacifier recently, so now we're cutting back to just "in the crib." Ok, well, I also give him a pacifier when he's in the church nursery, but that may have to go too.

I don't think we'll try weaning him from the pacifier completely until he's back sleeping in his own room (in August), so Natalie and Lukas don't have to be disturbed by his pacifier withdrawal symptoms (it took one week for Natalie). Right now, the pacifier is really necessary to keep the bedroom quiet so Lukas and Natalie can sleep.

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