Friday, December 31, 2010

Dominik's first trip to Joshua Tree

Rose (my sister) and Gary came to visit after Christmas, so we went hiking at Joshua Tree.  Dominik's first visit to Joshua Tree was supposed to also be his first camping trip, but that was postponed last month.  So his first trip to J-Tree was a one-day hiking event...the first camping trip will have to wait until the new year, when it's warmer.

And just because Joshua Tree is a desert doesn't mean it doesn't get cold!  It was sunny, but right around 50 degrees with 10-20 mile winds that made it feel colder.  But I'll stop talking and let the pictures speak for our fun outing.

The boys had to lead our group (Tom was always running ahead to take pictures).

Natalie did great on this 1-mile hike.  I held her hand to make sure she didn't fall (and to make sure she kept going).

The boys were in heaven with all the climbing opportunities.  We also saw "real" rock climbers with gear and everything...thankfully my boys are not that adventurous.  We even saw someone tight-rope walking about 50 feet between two large rocks at a height that would have made it his last stupid stunt if he'd fallen, but he didn't, even with the wind!  We'll stick to boulder climbing, thank you.

The boys are way ahead of us!

Here's our family at one stop on the Hidden Valley hike.  Please excuse the pink hat that Dominik is wearing.  His hood kept on flying back in the wind, so we had to use Natalie's hat to keep him warm enough.

Here's where I remembered to take the pink hat off Dominik before the picture, but he must be asleep or something.

At the top of one of "the googolplex of rocks" (according to Lukas) at Joshua Tree.

Tom and his SON Dominik.

Lukas is leading the charge, or something!

Lukas kept on saying, "here's some bedrock" and lying down on it (get it?)  Of course, whatever Lukas does, Konrad also does...

After the hike we had lunch, and then Natalie had a nap.  She did incredibly well, but she was tired out!

Konrad and Uncle Gary listening to the conversation.

At the top of a lookout...well, almost at the top.  The top is behind them in the picture, and significantly more windy.

That's how windy it is!

And how cold it is!

I tried to get a picture of the boys with Rose and Gary, but Konrad kept on backing away from the picture.  He's in his "I want to say 'no' to everything" stage.

We had such a fun time.  We love Joshua Tree so much because it is so close (just over 2 hours from home) and we can do so much there.  But the biggest realization is that we won't have to look for some sort of transportation device for Natalie to be included on our hikes.  Since she outgrew the backpack carrier, Tom and I have been discussing what we're going to do:  an off-road stroller or something so she can be carried on our hikes.  But she hiked just over a mile, without being carried!  She did have to be helped over the rocks, and it was good that it was nearly flat, but for a first hike, we were really pleased.

Our family goes on hikes, and Natalie will too, because we expect her to.  It's going to take some time for her to build the stamina (and more stability, of course) to keep up, but at some points on the really flat part, she was running in the wind.  Just like any other kid.


Jacqui said...

So impressed with Natalie. That is brilliant walking.

Kristi said...

I remember seeing Natalie on Tom's back climbing up those mountains. Time is flying. Beautiful pics.

Sarah said...

I miss you guys =( So good to read your blog and see how you guys are doing =) Praying all is well.