Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas finally came... it always does, but the anticipation makes it seem a long wait for a child!  Last year, the main gifts for the kids were their new beds.  This year, we could look for toys that they would really enjoy.

But first, breakfast.  Lukas recited Luke 2 for us and we enjoyed cinnamon rolls and fruit.  Then, it was time to open presents!

Dominik got to open the first present, since he is the youngest.  He's still having fun with his "new" phone while Natalie's opening her first present.  Most of the presents that Dominik received are baby toys that have been in storage since Konrad outgrew them.  He doesn't know the difference and we don't need MORE baby toys...I don't see anything wrong with that, do you?

Konrad is admiring one of the Lego sets that Lukas received.  Since Lukas' Lego class last summer, we've delayed buying real Legos (not just Duplos) because of Dominik's predilection for putting everything in his mouth.  But we finally decided to take the plunge.

Natalie is trying out her new rain boots.  They stomp very well.

Konrad is very happy with his new bulldozer.

Konrad is building something with one of the Duplo sets he received, while Dominik plays with Natalie's FAVORITE therapy toy of all time.

Natalie's playing with some of her favorite friends:  the characters from the Super Why television show, and a Duplo Jessie.  She's also wearing another gift...a potty watch.  So far she enjoys wearing the watch, and we're working to teach her to stop everything and go use the potty when it goes off.

Lukas is helping Natalie upwrap her Sleeping Beauty doll.  Dominik just wants to chew the paper.

Lukas spends some time on his bed reading the instructions for the Lego toy he will soon put together.

Lukas said, "This was a great Christmas!"  We couldn't agree more!  We hope that your Christmas was also special and memorable.

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