Thursday, December 9, 2010

A new interest

Lukas used to be fascinated with water and where it goes, which led to a long interest in pipes and all things related to plumbing.  Somewhere in there was also his drum stage, where every empty can was turned into a drum.  Just before we went on our big trip this summer, Lukas suddenly became fascinated with traffic signals...just in time to notice the differences in stop lights as we passed through many states on our long trip.  He's been drawing a lot of traffic lights for the past few months.

Tom and I are pleased to announce that Lukas has a new hobby:  drawing maps of our neighborhood.  He started a few weeks ago with writing down all the street names in our immediate neighborhood (he took the list with him in the car so he could add names as he sees them).  He's only interested in streets that are in our city (he ignores the streets in other cities).  Then he decided to start drawing a map.  Here's his first map, which required that he add sheets to it to make it larger.

Notwithstanding Tom's degree in geography, we're both happy that this appears to be a more "useful" interest...Lukas is learning spatial awareness and how to read maps.

Now Tom just has to teach him about "scale"!

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Jessica said...

Promise me that when he can draw a map to eastern Ontario, Canada, that you come visit me!!!!