Monday, January 17, 2011

Beach day

Saturday after a work day at Lukas' school we went to the beach in the afternoon...Kathrin had to see the beach again before she returns!  Since we have to take Tom's van anyway to fit all seven people, we brought the kids' bikes too...very fun on the boardwalk.

This is what Tom wants his van to be when it grows up...a little too expensive for our budget.

The girls in the back (with Dominik).  Natalie has taken to riding her tricycle very fast that her feet fly off the pedals.  But she is motivated to try to keep up with the boys.

There are two teeth in this picture (click to enlarge).

This is just another gratuitous cute picture.

Konrad is a serious biker!

Natalie is whizzing around the buildings.

Lukas is setting the pace...I hope he doesn't see anyone riding bikes on that low wall next to him, because he might try it.

One of us has to make sure Natalie doesn't take a wrong turn into the middle of motorized traffic.

Here he comes again!

Natalie is having a ball!

No, that's not the orange of a fake tan...that's the glow of the sunset.

Watching the sun set from a lifeguard tower.

Another California day is ending, and the kids are ready for dinner!


Jessica said...

ADOPT ME!!!!! I'm wearing a $600 goose down coat these days. Its been feeling like -30, and the furnace is cranked up, working very hard...

Cindy said...

You're adopted, sister! We'd love to come visit you, just as you'd love to visit us...until we're independently wealthy, we have to plan for years for that kind of thing!