Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In which we almost go to Disneyland and find a new Jessie

Lukas thought we were going to Disneyland again (the last time we went was spring 2010, two days before Dominik was born).  Nope, we only went to Downtown Disney.  I had to explain that Downtown Disney is only shops and restaurants, but no rides.  You can understand how he could be confused!

Here's a picture of Natalie watching the gorilla at the Rainforest Cafe...well, no picture, actually, because it was too dark for a good cell phone pic.  I also don't have a picture of Natalie enthralled with the fish in the aquarium...there probably would have been enough light to take a good picture, if I had remembered to!  Suffice it to say that Natalie couldn't be kept away from the fish.  She sat to eat for about 2 minutes and then wanted to get out and see the fish again.  Kathrin enjoyed seeing the Rainforest Cafe but thought it was too noisy (thunderstorm sounds every 20 minutes), but it's really for the kids, and our kids still love it!  It was so fun to watch Dominik looking around constantly at everything there was to see, Konrad enjoyed the gorilla too, and Lukas wasn't scared of the gorilla for the first time.

But here's a picture of Jessie's good friend, Jessie II.

Jessie I had lost her hat (I'd sewed it on again, but it again popped off, leaving Natalie quite distressed).  This is the Toy Story 2 version of Jessie doll, so I felt lucky to find it still on the shelf at the Disney store.  Jessie I will be saved to remember her by, but we're going to introduce Jessie II to Natalie today as if she's the same as Jessie I.  Jessie II is much cleaner and the hair is not so ragged.  What do you think will happen?  I don't know!

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