Sunday, January 16, 2011

Natalie's signature

This milestone makes be a bit weepy, I'm so proud.  It's almost like the first time she ever spoke her name.  Natalie wrote her name all by herself.

Here's the note her teacher emailed me:

Hi Cindy -

I wanted to let you know that Natalie fell out of her chair today during centers.  She was rocking back and forth and the chair tipped over.  I did put an ice pack on it and also reminded her to not rock in her chair.  Shortly after this, I sat with her while she wrote her name on the "Andy Apple" book.  I did give her a prompt to start writing her name and then where to place the "t" (its in her bag to go home) but she wrote her name by herself :) I think its amazing if I do say so myself.  The only letter she missed was the "i".  During the middle of this, I believe she had 2 seizures....or the beginning and end of 1.  She pressed her head against my arm and did not respond to me......Leslie saw it too....but then went right back to writing her name. 

Her day was good other than the fall and seizure.  She did really well during whole group and OT group.

Ok, so she left a letter out, but wow!


Jessica said...

She is amazing!!! Your hard work is paying off, as it goes both ways!!!


Nicky said...

"Wow" it certainly is. Well done Natalie - what an awesome little girl you are. Heaps and heaps of hugs!

Karen said...

I'm with Jessica. Yay Natalie and Mom/Dad. You do a wonderful job with all your children!

Kristi said...

Amazing job Natalie. I'm so proud of you.

Rachel M. said...

GREAT job, Natalie!! :D


Kelly said...

That is big stuff...way to go!

Kelly W.