Saturday, January 15, 2011

This one's for you, Jessica

Yesterday it was 80 degrees (27 C) at noon, so I had to take a picture of the kids outside in shorts and t-shirts and bare feet.  After all, Jessica threatened to come visit if she saw us in shorts and t-shirts in January.

Ok, only Lukas and Dominik are wearing shorts...Natalie wears pants to school in case she falls, and Konrad refused to wear shorts this morning when I suggested he put them on.  But it's not unusual to wear shorts in January...look what we did two years ago on this same date!


Jessica said...

LOL, can you hear laughter? I probably laughed so hard that I shook your State all the way from Canada!!! Thats awesome, so, so, so funny! Well.... You got me, I may have to sneak into my moms suitcase as she is visiting your your sunny, warm, green grass, leafy home state, next month!!!! Very jealous!!!! I have to wear a $600 goose down coat these days!

Love you guys

PS, if you have a palm tree in your yard, I'm drooling

Kerri H said...

That is just wrong you guys! After all our lovely cold snowy winter..we are ready for some 80 degree weather!!!! Any homes for sale there or a basement we could rent????

Cindy said...

Homes for sale, Kerri, but no basements (too difficult to engineer a basement in earthquake country?) The weather is beautiful, but why are so many people leaving? Taxes!

Jessica, we don't have palm trees, but our neighbors do. See you soon! ;)

Jessica said...

I would love to visit, I really would.. We should one day.. You guys come here, I can take you places, then we switch!!! Take advantage of the friendships that were made throughout the world because of RTS!!! Your welcome here anytime!! We can go to Montreal for the day, Toronto/Niagara Falls for the weekend.. Even Boston and New York city is a weekend trip..

Jessica said...

PS, we have our eyes set on Hawaii next winter(ish).. I know you mentioned you would love to go, it would be fun to try and arrange this with other RTS families and get together while we are there!! I have been talking with another RTS mom that loves that state.. We have enough points to fly 4 out of the 5 of us there now..

Brandi said...

I'm ready to come down to dry out and warm up! Miss all of you!