Friday, January 14, 2011

A trip back in time

I really enjoy going to Chino Planes of Fame. Cindy took me there for my birthday when we were dating (which reminds me to take her again soon). Lukas has been several times including a visit with my Dad who is a former Naval Aviator (or, as he would say, Nasal Radiator).

Recently I took Lukas, and a couple of first timers: Konrad and Kathrin. We looked at every plane, including a restored Northrop Flying Wing, and at least half of the hundreds of model airplanes at the museum. Konrad was extremely excited. He was so excited that he started stuttering within 30 minutes of our arrival. Kathrin had a really good time too.

The museum was very full that day because they had a presentation where they focused on a particular plane, and then later flew it. The plane was a WWII German plane (FW 190) that looked new. The realism was a little strange with my boys standing next to the plane with a reenactor standing next to the plane like it was 70 years ago.

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