Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What she sees

Today Natalie and I went up to Children's Hospital Los Angeles for an eye exam under anesthesia (EUA).  Tom took her last year because I was nursing Dominik.  This was my first trip there:  we left at 4:30 a.m. to check in at 5:30 a.m. for a 7:30 a.m. OR appointment.  I have to say I much prefer our less-than-30 minute trips to CHOC.

The good news is we got in on time and Natalie did well before and after anesthesia...they actually let me take her home before she was completely awake or drinking/eating anything.

The bad news is that her eye pressures are the highest they've ever been: 26 and 27.  I talked with the doctor about the drops we've been giving her (and not giving's easy to let eye drops slide in the daily schedule).  Suffice it to say, eye drops will now be a top priority at The Happy Ones.  Her new eye drop regimen is two in the morning and three at night, and her eye pressures will be checked again in a month.  If the pressures aren't an acceptable level, the doctor wants to operate on one eye immediately, during that same sedation.  Yes, that really freaked me out!  She will get all her eye drops, every day!

The pictures of the inside of her eyes show that the right eye is unchanged, and the left eye has only changed slightly.  The good news, in spite of the higher pressures, is that the diameter of her eyes has actually gotten a little smaller, so it shows that the drops--that we have been giving her--have done some good.

Natalie's vision is so important.  Look what she saw today:  just this afternoon, after a not-so-fun morning at the hospital, her loving older brother suggested putting a puzzle together.  I'm so glad she sees the love we all have for her.

Thanks for your prayers that the medicine will work and surgery will not be necessary.

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Jessica said...

This is a path we crossed, so feel free to call me, or I can call you. I think we can call the States under our phone plan at no additional cost. Rach was rushed to the ER at 10months old as all the signs of high pressures where present, and sure enough, they were in the 40's. At 30, you have migranes I'm told. Two weeks later she had surgery to remove the scare tissue and relieve the pressure. After a long healing time, we have had a smooth road, knock on wood. Rachel also has a coloboma and cateracts in her right eye. The glaucoma surgery, attached the colour part of her eye to the lens and pulled it sidways.. I so understand where your at.. Keep up with the drops, I'm sure they will work. Rach has had pressures in the high 20's and we brought it down..