Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another tooth

Today was momentous in so many ways:
  • Tom took Lukas and Konrad on an all-boys hike this morning in Mojeska Canyon.  Look for a blog post from Tom soon!
  • Afterward, Lukas and Konrad were wrestling and somehow Konrad's head knocked out one of Lukas' loose teeth.  Losing a tooth in this house means ice cream for everyone.  Is it just me, or does Lukas always lose teeth in odd ways?  Except the one way that was "normal."
  • Lukas had a fun time at Jake's birthday party.
  • Overcoming a fear of talking to people he doesn't know, Lukas gave his order to the photo developer at Walgreens, so he could get the pictures developed from his visit with Aunt Patrice.  Look for a blog post from Lukas soon!
  • Lukas shared his love of Curry House, which Aunt Christine first introduced him to, with us.  We went to a Curry House sort of near our home for dinner, and everyone had a fabulous time.
  • And the day wouldn't be complete without ice cream to celebrate that missing tooth!

See that teeny tiny space on the top right side?  That's where that little tooth used to be.  I don't know how the new tooth will ever fit.  I think there may be orthodontia in Lukas' future. 

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