Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fresh Air and Poison Oak

Lukas, Konrad and I headed off early yesterday morning with warm breakfast burritos (Cindy's excellent suggestion) to eat on our drive out to the local mountains. I have hiked in the local mountains a lot in my life, but since having children I have only been a handful of times.

The boys and I headed for the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon. The weather was excellent and the trail was nearly empty. Our first goal was the old Modjeska Reservoir dam in Harding Canyon, which required hiking up a nice hill of switchbacks, and then down into the neighboring canyon. The lake behind the dam filled up years ago with sand and rocks, so I told the boys we were going to be walking on a lake. The boys were impressed when we got to the dam and looked down. We found frogs where the water ponds at the edge of the dam. We headed "upstream" across the filled-in lake to the canyon that empties in the "lake". Lukas' backwoods skills are developing as he identified a nice patch of poison oak. We had hoped to get to a silver mine prospect that goes into the mountain about thirty feet, but the kids, OK, me too, started to get tired. When we arrived back at the car we had spent over two hours hiking.

Remember how I said that I do not hike as much as I used too? Well, my feet were sore today. I have to wear boots on all hikes now. No more getting by with my tennis shoes.

Here, Lukas is pointing out the poison oak plant he found.

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