Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quick, post it!

Quick, before our internet connection goes down again (the bugs are not completely worked out), here's a post about how happy we are for Natalie in her new class.

First, a Bravo! for Natalie that she is now able to dress herself.  She CAN put on all of her clothes: underwear, shirt, pants, socks, shoes.  Sometimes (often) she gets distracted and ends up doing something else and I come back and she's completely naked, playing with her stuffed animals or dolls.  So often I will dress her because it's the most efficient for now.  But when I have time, or when I'm changing Dominik, I let her dress herself.  She does need help with her dresses, because some of them have linings on the inside, so that's hard for her to maneuver.  The skill has come about within the past month or so.  Go Natalie!

Secondly, Thursday my day, nay my week! was completely made when I picked up Natalie from school.  We now have to go into the classroom to get our child, because apparently there was too much confusion and the teacher was uncertain that kids were going home with their parents...anyway, when I went to get Natalie, a girl sitting next to her said, "Good bye Natalie!"  Natalie said good bye too...I looked at the girl and asked her name:  Leila.  Then Leila's grandmother, who was picking her up, said Leila had a dr. appointment that morning, and afterward the grandmother said she could stay home from school, but Leila said, "Oh, no, I have to go to school because I have to help Natalie."  Doesn't that just bring tears of joy to your eyes?  It did to me! 

I have to say that I need to figure out how to get to know some of the kids in the class, and their parents...right now it's a little hairy with the 3 boys being along with me when we drop off and pick up.  But hopefully Leila is an indication that the rest of the class loves Natalie too!

Thirdly, Natalie is doing a pretty good job of telling me what she did during the day at school.  Last year, when I asked her what she did today, she would say, "I played with Ashley."  Everyday, same answer.  Now, with a little prying, she's telling me more about what she did that day.  I do have to ask open ended questions, like "What book did the teacher read to you today?"  She answers, "The Three Little Pigs!"  And sometimes she doesn't answer, so I don't know if the teacher didn't read that day.  Or I ask, "What is the Alpha Friend you worked on today?"  She answers, "Callie Cat."  This is progress!  She's also more chatty than she was right before school started, so I know that hearing a lot of typical kids speaking is helping her speech (although the kids in her preschool class last year had pretty good speech).

Anyway, Natalie is off to a great start!  There are good changes happening!  Whoo hoo!

Now, if this posts right away, we still have internet connection...let's see....

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