Thursday, September 15, 2011

Laundry boy

Kids love to help with laundry...until they turn 5 years old and it's their job!  Just Lukas tells Konrad to not help him with his chores.  I remind Lukas that one day laundry (collecting the laundry from the different rooms) will be Konrad's chore.  Konrad already helps with "switching out the laundry"...putting the wet laundry in the dryer and the dry laundry in a basket.  Natalie also does laundry from time to time, but usually I do laundry in the morning while she's at school, so she doesn't get the chance so much.

Dominik is always trying to close the machine doors when I'm putting laundry this time I showed him how to put it in, and he was only too happy to help! Am I biased, or is this video seriously funny?

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