Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Birthday Party

At some point, we might have a request to separate the birthday party with friends into two separate parties...but in the meantime, it's great to get two parties for the price of one, and the headache of one!  We celebrated Natalie's 6th and Konrad's 4th at the Orange County Model Engineers Mackerel Flats and Goathill Junction Railroad.  It was a lot of fun riding those mini diesel trains.  We were last here for Lukas' third birthday...but let's talk about today!

Tom took the gang on the first trip.

So excited to ride the train!

Catherine and Julia (9, rts).  Julia's birthday was yesterday!  Happy Birthday Julia!

Tyler, Frankie, Julian, Ha, Marilyn, Katelyn.  Don't they look so excited?

Matt, Maren, Kristie, Tyler.

Dat, Zoe.

Here they are, coming back into the station.

Now it's my turn!

Taking a break from trains for lunch.

And then it's time for cake!  I made these cupcakes...and they were much better than the ones I got at a bakery...everyone said so, I promise.  (Instead of typing "better" above, I first types "butter"...I think that's what makes mine better).

After singing, it was time to blow out the candle...

...and Natalie actually blew out her own candle (although you can see me anticipating that I would need to help).

Dominik didn't like riding the trains so much (I think he was ready for the ride to be over after about 30 seconds)...but he sure did like the frosting.  Once again, butter!

Natalie and Julia enjoying chocolate cupcakes.  Is there anything better among friends?  Butter!

Yeah!  Now we can think about Christmas!  But first, Happy Birthday to all those December people out's not the best time to have a birthday, but you seem to make the best of it!

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Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, you guys are so much fun!!! Sigh, why do I have to live so far.... Sending another happy birthday wish!!!