Thursday, December 8, 2011

The other Birthday

This family birthday celebration for Konrad might look very similar to Natalie's family birthday celebration two days ago.  If you're confused and think we did them the same, we did not, but we used cupcakes from the same place both times.  Sorry, I'm not in a very creative mood right now, what with being overwhelmed with homeschooling and preparing for a larger double birthday party on the weekend and, oh yeah, Christmas!  Anyone who is thinking of having a baby, try to avoid having the baby in December, ok?  And if you have two babies in December, let's just chalk that up to POOR PLANNING!  ;)  But, hey, they're a tax deduction! And really, I only regret having a December baby once a year...and there I went and had two December babies and I still only regret it once a year!

Anyway, enough about are some pictures.  Lukas brought the flaming cupcake to Konrad while we sang.

A big bite of chocolate off the top.

Natalie is anticipating her cupcake.

And there's Dominik too!

Dominik realized it's easier to eat a cupcake with a fork.

Natalie wants a fork too!

Lukas gave Konrad a Spongebob puzzle.  Konrad is such a puzzler!

Konrad loves being four!  Although he forgot and said he was three a few times yesterday...I think he'll get used to it soon.

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MommyP said...

I'm glad he had such a fun birthday! And I agree - December birthdays are really hard on kids. It's hard to get people to come to birthday parties too, we're discovering. :-(