Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Natalie gets an award! And other school activities!

Yesterday afternoon, Natalie's teacher called to tell us that Natalie would be getting a reading award today, so we might want to attend the award assembly!  Wow!  Tom and I were so proud to watch our little girl receive an award for her awesome reading skills.  Way to go Natalie!

After Natalie's aide showed her that we were in the back of the room, Natalie said, "Hi Mom!"  "There's Mom and Dad!" for the rest of the time she was on the stage.  There were a lot of snickers from the other kids, and the principal reminded everyone to be quiet, but Tom and I were bursting with pride.  It's so wonderful to see her get an award that isn't a result of modifications.  I told Tom last night that I wasn't sure Natalie would appreciate the award ceremony...sometimes special attention on her isn't exactly welcome.  But we could tell that she was proud to walk up and receive the award, and had a lot of fun at the ceremony!

Then it was off to music class for Lukas.  Since I had the camera along, I took pictures of the boys enjoying the drums before class, and Lukas practicing during class.  He has a Christmas concert tomorrow night!  I am so excited to see him participate!

Tuesday is my day to focus on Konrad and Dominik.  Konrad received a craft project for a birthday present that requires him to paint the wood pieces, then assemble into an airplane.


This is what Dominik was doing while Konrad was painting:  strapped in, refusing his snack because he wanted to paint too.  Sorry, little man...but your time will come!  First play-doh!


MommyP said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! Congratulations, Natalie! That's an award for a frame, for sure!

(This next part is from Stephen) Good Job Natalie!!!! Reading is fun!

Jessica said...

Thats wonderful!!!!! Congrats :-)

Jacqui said...

Oh Cindy - What a glorious moment. Loved IT!! So proud of Natalie!!!! We celebrate with you!