Thursday, December 15, 2011

Check-ups: 6 & 4, Sleep study results

When I take just Natalie and Konrad out, I sometimes get questions about whether they are twins.  It was ironic that I got that question on the day I took both of them to the pediatrician for their annual check-ups...and when I told the person they were two years apart, the follow-up was "She must be tall for her age," because they assumed Natalie was two years younger than Konrad.  Ouch.  Well, she reads better than Konrad does, so there!

Anyway, here are the stats.  Natalie is 42 1/4" tall and weighs 38 lbs.  That's 7th and 10th percentiles on a typical chart for her age (kids with her syndrome are shorter than the rest of their family, so she would be well in the middle of an RTS growth chart). 

Konrad is 43 1/4" tall and 42 lbs, which is 97% and 90th percentiles.  I cannot believe Konrad is a whole inch taller than Natalie...I guess they both are bouncing around so much that I didn't realize the gap.

And the report from the ENT (this morning!) on Natalie's sleep study is that she has no apnea (hurrah!) and the snoring is actually not significant to do anything about.  I questioned him further about the snoring, since the sleep study tech said it was significant...but the doctor assured me it's all within normal levels, and she's getting a good amount of Stage 1, 2, and 3 sleep, and REM, so her sleep quality is actually good.  Wow!  I'm so pleased, and I guess I need to stop worrying (at least for now) about how much sleep she requires...especially after she didn't nap two days this week.  I've seen so many other kids with RTS who have sleep issues, that I expect for Natalie to have an issue...and she doesn't.  Ok, deep breath, move on!


MommyP said...

Hurray!!!!!! I took Stephen for his 5 year check this morning, and he's 41" and 43 lbs. We are on the shorter side ourselves, but I think Stephen would fall on the taller end of the RTS scale for his age.

I'm glad Natalie doesn't have the apnea! Do you see a cardiologist? We found that Stephen's energy increased and sleep needs decreased after we had his ASD repaired.

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

good news!