Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas concert

Lukas has really enjoyed learning to play the recorder at his homeschool co-op.  This week his music fundamentals class participated in an outdoor concert at a local mall.  It was interesting to watch him learn about band events:  we were supposed to show up 30 minutes before the performance.  Why? he wondered.  So in case we're late, we're still "on time."  Then since we weren't late, there was a lot of sitting around waiting for the performance.  But no twiddling thumbs here...Lukas created a new game with his friends:  balance the recorder on its end, then see who can blow it over first. 

And the other kids made the best of standing around waiting too!  It looks like Natalie's starting a new dance craze here.

Konrad and Dominik ran around the amphitheater, chasing each other and jumping.

Of course the Christmas decorations were beautiful, and the water with lights was mesmerizing.

And then the concert began!  Lukas performed three songs; here's one of them.

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