Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Birthday Day

We're back on our every-other-year big birthday party schedule for the kids, so this means Dominik got a family birthday party this year...which worked out really well because he still wouldn't have a clue what was happening if we had had a big birthday party.  He will tell you "two" if you ask him how old he is (I was working on that last week) but I don't think he had any idea what "your birthday is tomorrow" meant.

After breakfast, he opened his presents.  I think he received just the right amount of presents to not be too overwhelmed.  After all, what toy does a fourth child really need?

Well, he needs a big ball.

And Konrad got him a few cars.

 Lukas got Dominik his own remote control car.  Now maybe he will leave Lukas and Konrad's cars alone!
Mom and Dad got him his own t-ball set.

Tom discovered that the Fullerton Railroad Days are back!  We've attended this fun event several years in the past, but there were a few years it wasn't held, so it was quite fun that it happened on Dominik's birthday so we could go there in the morning.

Lukas and Konrad are engineering a train while Natalie watches.

 All together inside a train car.

 Family shot on a pumper...what are they called?

 The closer, the better.

 We're so pleased that Natalie and Konrad are now tall enough to see the train displays without being picked up!

 Dominik said a lot of "choo-choooo!"

 The Lego train world was quite impressive.

 This hands-on area was the best for Dominik and Natalie.
Of course, when we got home, the kids pulled out their wooden train tracks and played with them the rest of the day.

I made his favorite lunch (homemade mac n cheese with hot dogs, and broccoli) and we celebrated with chocolate cake.  I figured it would be a fairly large chocolate cake, so let's have it for lunch and dinner!  Looks like we'll also be having it for lunch and dinner a second day!

 Looking pretty proud of himself for blowing out those candles!

I think he had a happy birthday!



MommyP said...

What a fun birthday - happy belated birthday, Dominik! I really love that family photo - that would look lovely on a Christmas card!!

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

happy birthday dominik! looks like you made it super special for him. he's all smiles!