Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Annual checkups

Natalie and Konrad had their annual checkups last week and they're both growing great! 

We decided Konrad could go first since the checkup was on his actual birthday.  At five years old, Konrad is 46 inches (97th percentile) and 47 pounds (80th percentile).  Just because I can, I always check to see where Konrad is in relation to Lukas at the same age:  slightly taller, same weight.  Konrad has grown almost 3 inches this year!

At seven years old, Natalie is 44 inches (3rd percentile for typical children) and 43 pounds (25th percentile for typical).  Natalie has grown almost 2 inches this year!

I think neither of them had shots at their checkup a year ago, so I sort of forgot that there might be shots today.  Good try, Cindy!  If you forget, it doesn't count, right?  Wrong...Konrad had several and Natalie had one, plus TB tests for both of them.  I had to hold Konrad down and he's getting pretty strong...dreading taking him for the blood draw that the doctor requested.  I'm used to holding Natalie down for that kind of thing, but Konrad is stronger.

The doctor reassured me that there wouldn't be any additional tests until he's 9...great...Lukas will be 9 in a few months so I'll have to go through it with him.

At least I won't be able to feign forgetfulness!

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Patty said...

Sounds great!! I'm glad they had good check-ups. I think Stephen is about as tall as Natalie now, lol!